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New Zealand is always innovating when it comes to TV shows. Whether you like a bit of crime, drama or comedy, the country has created an ample amount of series for the keenest of spectators. The first season, which aired inis set in s West Auckland.

The Almighty Jonhnsons is a fantasy comedy-drama show that aired from and The Cult was an ambitious, albeit short-lived, TV series that screened in and has been broadcast in Australia, Spain, Portugal and Poland. At the time the show was billed as a New Zealand alternative to the US hit Lostonly without the confusing twists and turns. The story follows a group of people as they try to save their loved ones from a mysterious cult known as the Two Gardens.

This detective drama series is set in the fictitious country town of Brokenwood. Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd is sent from Auckland into the town to investigate a local police officer. As his first murder investigation in Brokenwood comes to a conclusion, Shepherd decides to stay on indefinitely. The Brokenwood Mysteries premiered in and was renewed for a fourth season in Australian-Kiwi comedy-drama series Words is about a widowed father, George Turner, who decides to quit his job as a newspaper columnist in Sydney and relocate to a remote New Zealand town.

He impulsively buys a property over the Internet, and has to break the news about the fresh start to his grieving kids. The series ran for three seasons from to Nothing Trivial followed five friends, all in their 30s and 40s, who meet and compete against each other in a weekly pub quiz.

As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that these mates have more than a simple weekly tradition in common — in fact, they have the unfortunate shared characteristic of being unlucky in love. The series first aired in and screened for three seasons. Go Girls first aired in New Zealand in and enjoyed a successful five-season run until Even though the tale has an obvious female domination, the first episode starts with a twist: a male narration.

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The series also begins with the friends making a promise that they will each make life-changing decisions by the end of the year. This mockumentary-style comedy offers a satirical take on popular reality TV shows like The Bachelor. It follows two metrosexual Maori men who can only claim the hefty inheritance their grandmother left them by finding themselves a Maori bride. In order to succeed, the two men have to get in touch with their cultural roots in a way they have never done before.

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Step Dave was a two-season comedy-drama which aired in and In the first episode of the series, Dave rescues single mum Cara from a disastrous blind date that ends in a sprained ankle — right then and there, he decides he has met the woman of his dreams. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". Select currency. Places to Stay.

New Zealand Play School Full Episode (1989)

Open menu Menu. Thalita Alves. Add to Plan. Outrageous Fortune.

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The Almighty Johnsons. The Cult. The Brokenwood Mysteries. Nothing Trivial.

educators tv show nz

Go Girls. Find Me A Maori Bride.Selecting the most beloved TV shows in New Zealand is no easy feat. The country has brought us many great programmes, spanning from drama to current affairs and everything else in between. Here is a showcase of 10 popular series, across various categories, that have made their mark on local screens.

Watching it continues to be a regular 7 p. The weeknight soap is set in the fictitious Shortland Street hospital and primarily follows the lives of the medical personnel working there. The show ran for a solid six seasons and even spurred a popular spin-off series called Westside.

It revolves around the West family and the incarceration of its patriarch, Wolf West. A true veteran on local screens, Country Calendar has been around since — making it the longest-running TV show in New Zealand. As its name suggests, this iconic programme is dedicated to all things rural, capturing the daily lives of local farm, fishery and forestry workers as it showcases the newest developments in the industry.

Police Ten 7 is a weekly reality TV series that offers a glimpse into the daily operations of policemen and women across the country. The show also profiles wanted offenders and asks viewers to help the police in their crime-searching pursuits. The series has been a regular Friday night fixture since and always starts with a semi-satirical content warning. Sincesports-mad Kiwis have been tuning into The Crowd Goes Wild for a lighthearted take on the latest match updates.

The Brokenwood Mysteries is a two-hour murder-mystery series that hit the local screens in It is set in the fictional town of Brokenwood where a new resident, Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd, discovers that crime can lurk even in the homeliest of places. At the end ofit was announced the show would be coming back for a fifth season.

Beyond the Darklands was a five-season crime documentary series by Forensic Psychologist Nigel Latta. The show offered insight into the minds of those who committed each crime as well as the social issues that might have helped mold these individuals into criminal offenders.

The Block NZ is a home renovation reality TV series based on the popular Australian counterpart that gave it its name. The Kiwi version first hit the screens in and has enjoyed a healthy six-season run thus far. The Block NZ follows four couples as they fully renovate some neighbouring Auckland houses before putting them up for auction. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Suzy Cato to front new educational TV channel

To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". Select currency. Places to Stay. Open menu Menu. Thalita Alves. Add to Plan. Shortland Street. Outrageous Fortune. Country Calendar. Police Ten 7. The Crowd Goes Wild. The Brokenwood Mysteries. Beyond the Darklands. Our Big Blue Backyard. The Block NZ.Finder is committed to editorial independence.

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Unwilling to let a dour public service broadcaster stifle their unique often politically incorrect creativity, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May hooked up with Amazon and took their automobile-based shenanigans out on the road.

The result is a familiar format, a mix of pre-recorded television films and live-audience segments that they present to an audience of about people in a large tent. As always, it is a pretty hilarious concoction of weird challenges taken on by the members of our triumvirate, along with slightly more serious critiques of the hottest cars available to super-rich racing enthusiasts. Trust me, even if you have only a passing interest in four-wheeled conveyances, the A1 banter will keep you hooked.

This period comedy-drama series, also created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, has been showered with Golden Globes and other awards since airing last year. However, when Midge discovers a hidden talent for stand-up comedy, it soon throws that safe reality into disarray. A fish-out-of-water quest to make a name for herself ensues and Midge is whisked from comfortable Upper West Side living into the edgy nightclubs and cafes of Greenwich Village.

Nevertheless, Midge is effortlessly charming and watching her make jaws drop is marvellous TV. A truly terrifying vision of an alternate timeline, The Man in the High Castle imagines what the world would be like under the boot heel of a thousand-year Reich.

The best TV shows to stream on Amazon Prime Video New Zealand March 2021

In this Philip K. Dick-inspired dystopia, s America is nowhere near united.

educators tv show nz

The twists and binge-watch addiction start early, folks. What if every deity ever thought up by humanity was manifest by via sheer faith and attention alone? What if they immigrated with their believers, upon the discovery of each new continent?

While journeying home to handle the burial arrangements, our indigent jailbird falls into the employ of a crafty, charismatic conman named Mr Wednesday which is Ian McShane in his element.

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Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever predicted that The Ticka niche cult-hit cartoon fromwould be given the live-action TV treatment. I just never dared to hope that an exec would understand the brilliance of this Saturday morning staple that makes fun of other superheroes. Confident that a global supervillain is running the city from a protected position of assumed death, Arthur is widely derided as a kook.

The one anthropomorphic ectoparasite on his side is The Tick, a lantern-jawed, near-indestructible hero who screws up about as much as he saves.As you may have picked up from the title, I am reviewing a television series about school teachers. I watched all four episodes that were available at the time and enjoyed every single minute of it.

Based in a typical Kiwi secondary school, the series takes a look at the lives of teachers, highlighting the banter that they share between themselves during a normal school day and humorously making a bit of a joke about themselves along the way. It makes for television that is interesting and exciting to watch. We are only in the midst of its first season, with each episode released so far currently available for viewing on the platform you choose.

With a new one every Wednesday, each short episode runs for around minutes, which makes for easy viewing. There is also a lot of dark humour throughout the show. Focusing predominantly around four teachers and their daily lives at a state school, it provides a look into the profession of education.

Robyn is super inappropriate and very unreasonable with her students. Most of the starring teachers come across as rude and demanding of the kids in their classes and the people they come across. You could go so far as to say some of the teachers in this programme bully their students, as controversial as it sounds. Overall, I find the programme incredibly funny and thoroughly enjoyable. It receives extra credit for being homegrown and based in New Zealand too.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes television shows based around real life settings and who ever finds the need to watch something with a satirical nature that will make them laugh out loud.TVNZ's new season of upcoming shows will start screening this year and continue over the next 12 months.

Here are some highlights. New international drama. Streams OnDemand. Manifest: A plane disappears on a flight from Jamaica to New York and those on board are presumed to have died. But five years later the passengers and crew, for whom no time has passed, re-appear and struggle to resume their old lives. Screens on TVNZ 1. Manhunt: Inspired by a true story, this British drama looks at the police's efforts to capture serial killer Levi Bellfield. The story begins in when a woman is attacked and left for dead in a London park.

The show is set in Melbourne. Wells' novel about a couple's fight for survival when Martians invade Earth. In this series, Will and Frankie oversee an international team of spies.

Screens on TVNZ 2.

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Set in Miami in the modern day, the new show centres on a luxury hotel's wealthy family owners and its staff. Roswell, New Mexico: Drama about a woman who returns to Roswell after a year absence to care for her sick father. She rekindles a romance with her teenage crush and discovers he is an alien. The Feed: Based on the novel of the same name, this sci-fi thriller centres on the family of a man who invented a piece of technology called 'The Feed' which is implanted into most people's brains.

This allows for sharing of information, emotions and memories. The Passage: Starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar NYPD Bluethis series revolves around a secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure for all disease, but potentially wipe out the human race. New international factual. Britain's Best Home Cook: Ten cooking enthusiasts live in one house and compete against each other in kitchen challenges.

Serengeti: This documentary series follows savannah animals over the course of a year in Africa's Serengeti.

The Posh Frock Shop: This series is filmed at an exclusive London boutique run by designer Ian Stuart where women buy gowns and dresses for special occasions. What Would Your Kid Do? New international comedy. Murphy Brown: Strictly speaking, this isn't a new series but is a reboot of a the US 90s sitcom about Murphy Brown Candice Bergena recovering alcoholic and news anchor.

The show ran for 10 seasons and returns after a year hiatus when the character is now hosting her own morning TV show. New local drama. Find My Killer: A year-old girl is murdered after a party and digital technology will help determine the identity of her killer. The series is in 10 parts. New local factual. No word yet on a host or its 16 contestants.

The queens vote to see who goes and who stays. InZone: This documentary looks at the efforts of former Chicago man Terrance Wallace to inspire and motivate disadvantaged Maori and Pasifika youth via education.

The Check Up: Three young, tech-savvy doctors delve into the world of medicine from a millennial's perspective and scrutinise long-held beliefs. That's A Bit Racist: This documentary looks at why racism is still alive and well in New Zealand and overseas and what people can do to change that.

Review: Educators is New Zealand’s darkest and funniest comedy

It delves into topics like sex addiction and porn. New local comedy.

educators tv show nz

Educators: Created by Jesse Griffin, Jackie van Beek and Jonny Brugh, this unscripted series is about a group of bumbling high school teachers. TVNZ's new season set to thrill, chill and amuse.Set behind the scenes of an ordinary Kiwi secondary school, this unscripted comedy series follows the hopelessly and hilariously inept people in charge of educating the next generation. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

Educators TV Show – What You Need to Know

ML Judy announces the theme for this year's school show. Robyn issues a challenging classroom writing task.

educators tv show nz

Jarred deals with an unusual parental request. And Vinnie reacts to the news that the students think he is a bully.

ML Jared reveals that the school is being audited, causing great concern amongst the staff. Rudy returns with legitimate teaching qualifications, but is he Rudy, or someone else?

Robyn reveals her living arrangements, which leave a lot to be desired, and Vinnie tries to kill one of his students - with kindness. ML Sheree and Jared try to figure out who has been tagging the school.

Adult student Robert is accused of being a stalker and the auditor arrives at school to utter chaos.

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Robyn causes a fight amongst her students and discovers a piece of information that gets Vinnie thinking. Adult student Robert receives an award at assembly which makes him get emotional. ML Adult student Robert sets up a men's group in order to connect with other men of his age.

Meanwhile, Robyn battles with the ex againand the school's new emergency procedures have everyone confused. ML The teachers finally do their parent-teacher interviews - but the results leave the parents with more questions than answers. ML It's school camp time and the teachers and students are completely unprepared for the experience. ML The teachers deal with the morning after the night before and lay down a new set of rules at school camp. Jarred takes an art therapy class at school which reveals more about himself than it does about his students.

The auditor reveals his thoughts on his time at the school - and some unusual insights about himself. Titles, characters and all other elements are the trade marks and copyright of TVNZ or its licensors. All rights reserved. Further details available here. Close Video. Educators Set behind the scenes of an ordinary Kiwi secondary school, this unscripted comedy series follows the hopelessly and hilariously inept people in charge of educating the next generation.

S2 Trailer. Episodes About The staff Trailer Extras. Season 2 Season 1. Sort: Latest Oldest. Season 2, Episode 1. Season 2, Episode 2.For most adults, going back to school sounds like a terrible, horror-inducing concept, but when the combined comedy genius of Jesse Griffin, Jackie van Beek and Jonny Brugh is involved, it's the best idea you'll have all year.

It's an unscripted series set behind the scenes of an ordinary Kiwi secondary school, following the hopelessly inept people in charge of educating the next generation. They have no grasp of the curriculum, no knowledge of how to follow a timetable, and no idea how to complete the homework they set.

Forecast Maps. Show Ad Close Ad. Source: Seven Sharp. What you need to know straight to your inbox, 7am every weekday morning. You're all set to receive the Morning Briefing. Meghan: Talk with Oprah without royals' input 'liberating'. Motorcyclist dead after crash with car south of Christchurch. Queen Elizabeth gifted two new corgi puppies.

Backstreet Boys postpone NZ tour again amid Covid restrictions. Reggae icon Bunny Wailer, the last surviving member of The Wailers, dies aged Car fire in East Auckland, body may be inside. Auckland businesses relieved to be moving down alert levels. Calloused and exhausted, personal trainer achieves extraordinary crawling feat for charity. Wellington heritage-listed building suffers damage after contractors burst pipe.

Auckland moving out of lockdown on Sunday morning. All tsunami warnings cancelled after magnitude 8. Morning Briefing March 5: Tsunami scare after quake jolts country awake.

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